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Gestoría Torrús

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Torrús Business and Administrative Management Services was founded by José Torrús after a long and successful professional career in medium and large-size companies. In 2007 Torma Asesores also took to the stage, bringing professional experience in large companies, SMEs and specialized law firms.

Since then, we continue with our practice, providing not only advisory and business administrative services to small companies but also contributing with our full knowledge and experience. Through this expansion of services, Torma Asesores was re-founded as Gestoría Torrús, in order to adapt our services to new market needs.

Located in Málaga, capital of the renowned Costa del Sol, we provide services to clients across Spain thanks to available information and communication technology platforms.

Gestoría Torrús asesoría para autónomos y PYMES en Málaga

José Torrús Machado

PAE Single Access Point
Processing desk for setting up companies through the electronic processing system of the General Directorate of Industry and SMEs
Motor vehicle documentation processing
Registration, withdrawal, change of ownership, reports,…



Torrús Business and Administrative Management Services handles and processes all types of documentation before the public administration in addition to providing financial management advisory services to self-employed professionals and SMEs.

Torrús Business and Administrative Management Services adapts to the needs of its clients, offering bespoke services that are meticulous in terms of both time and delivery.



Torrús Business and Administrative Management Services uses the latest document management software technology before public administration agencies to provide you with highly-quality personalized services, founded on rigor and efficiency. We strive to streamline your relationship with the public administration and avoid distractions, so that you may focus on what is truly important to you: business, investments, family, leisure time, etc.



Our values revolve around commitment with the work well done, through a close and personal relationship with our clients driven by quality and professionalism. Torrús Business and Administrative Management Services also aligns with new technologies and the adequate use of resources for the preservation of the environment.

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